Punters are often confronted with the term ‘gambling public. “The reason is simple – if you understand what it is and how to use it, you can greatly increase your profits. A increase in profits is good, so today we look together at what is The betting public and why would you be interested in this issue.

What is public betting?

If we speak simply, The betting public is an overwhelming majority of people who bet on every game. This is not a professional punter or serious amateurs. These are people who like betting and adrenalin associated with it … who like to bet on your favorite team … who want to make a few extra hundred crowns. These people usually do not work hard not to develop their betting skills and generally are motivated more by betting is fun, but that they expect long-term gain.

The betting public defines several features:

1) Betting (exclusively) to favorites

The public loves betting favorites. And this for several reasons. Firstly, the favorites usually gets more media attention and in most cases is a popular favorite team than his opponent. The betting public when planting moreover does not progressing sophisticated, so betting interpreted as a process that aims to determine the winner of the match. Due to this consideration, then logically bet on the favorite. Shrewd punters but they know that the bout is not very important – is the most important value.

2) Betting over

The betting public in addition to favorites like betting on well over the number of goals. The main reason is that the offensive is much more fun (and easier to understand) than defensive. Due to this reasoning can then punters think that the offensive team will be capable of delivering maximum performance – no matter what defense against the stand. In addition, most punters are not carrying out a thorough analysis, so they often miss important factors that could cause the attack of the team gets nothing.

3) Revaluation importance of individual positions

In the eyes of the betting public are the most important players quarterback and the attacker. When thinking about how they bet, they rarely analyze and rate the importance of other players. As a result, they often overreact to it, though with some important player for something to happen (for example, gets injured or punishment, for which he will not be able to take).

4) overreaction to news about the team

In the eyes of the betting public is a key player injuries almost always a huge problem, internal strife in the team are cause for serious concern and any fault of the coach is clear evidence that is generally incompetent. Most bettors over-reacts to the news media in addition to deliberately inflate.

5) strongly influenced by the media

If you want to know what you think The betting public, simply search for what the media thinks. Punters within the betting public is only very rarely use critical thinking and careful analysis.

6) Betting on media reporting matches

The betting public tends to bet primarily on media reporting matches, matches while less popular teams usually ignored. For example, to match Pilsen is 99% of the bets more than necessary to match Znojmo.

7) Preferred certain teams

There are teams that literally loves The betting public. And the influence that relies on them, with absolutely regardless of the circumstances. Examples of such teams as the Steelers, Colts and Patriots in the NFL/Red Sox and Yankees in MLB/Lakers and Celtics in the NBA. U matches these (and other) teams are The betting public has a strong tendency to bet on your favorite team.

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